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Hello and welcome to Marabou’s new web site & energy blog featuring details on our energy business units and customer partners. The goal of our new website is to better inform & convey to the energy community what we do and why we have been so successful in the energy midstream, producer services, pipeline construction & end-user energy management wholesale supply business’s. Please subscribe to our blog and stay informed by entering your email address on the right =>

Our new site is dedicated to providing information on our energy business units as well as keeping you informed on energy savings, wellhead and gathering infrastructure management, end-use supply alternative, producer services, midstream oil & gas option & pipeline construction contracting solutions. For example, our blog and site will offer and explain how we saved an asphalt company in the midwest over 200% on their annual gas costs or how we provide large consumer and industrial clients behind Atmos Energy & Centerpoint Energy direct supply access resulting in annual savings.

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