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Are you an energy producer of oil or natural gas in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas or Louisiana? If so, Marabou Midstream Services LLP wants you to know about their energy production midstream services designed to enhance your wellhead production netback pricing. Contact us today!
  • Producer Services
    • Increase value and pricing netback at the wellhead
    • Provide direct access to multiple markets for improved net back
    • Improve capital budgeting and management
    • Improve Operations & Maintenance -O&M for better throughput
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Price Risk Management
    • Monthly Index & Gas Daily pricing
    • Complete suite of hedging products i.e. Swaps, Ceilings, Floors
    • Daily market analysis
    • Basis analysis
    • Hedging strategies
  • Volume Management
    • Daily volume monitoring and balancing
    • Wellhead, common point, plant tailgate or pipeline interconnect management
    • Holding liability for pipeline imbalances and penalties
    • Verification and reconciliation of 3rd party operator remittance statements
    • Submission of timely remittance and producer settlement statements
  • Operations & Maintenance
    • Complete production operation and maintenance management turn-key provider
    • Higher production availability and reliability
    • Improved gathering and production infrastructure design and implementation
    • On-site routine maintenance, operations and midstream services
  • Contract Management
    • Review, audit and counsel on existing obligations
    • Offer NAESB base contract recommendations & options
    • Provide consistent oversight and contractual optimization
    • Offer solutions for improved contracting
  • Transportation & Storage
    • Firm & interrruptible transportation options
    • Firm & interruptible storage- park-n-loan options
    • Rate negotiation that maximizes net back to producer
    • Capacity release, acquisition and optimization
  • Infrastructure Management
    • Gathering systems expansion & maintenance
    • Pipeline tie in and route selection
    • Pipeline bypass and other direct pipeline connection options
    • Processing
    • Transportation, storage & more!


Marabou Midstream Services, LP – MMS is a privately held energy company formed in 2004.  The company had its beginnings in 1993 as Marabou Energy, Inc., a natural gas gathering company with midstream assets in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. MMS is now supported by sister companies Marabou Energy Management, LLC and Marabou Superior Pipeline, LLC.

Marabou is owned and managed by an experienced group of midstream energy executives that provide industry leading producer and midstream services to our independent oil and gas producer “Partners”.  MMS’ objective is to provide the midstream solution unique to your situation.  You do what you do best – find oil and gas – and we take it from there: design, construction and optimization of your midstream infrastructure; marketing, hedging and risk management solutions for your crude oil, natural gas and liquids production; joint interest allocations, working interest and royalty distributions and regulatory reporting.  MMS is the equivalent of your internal midstream design, installation, implementation and operations groups without the associated overhead.

Through our ever evolving network of producer relationships, geographic market coverage, LDC (utility) wholesale supply, and commercial, industrial and end-user market relationships, Marabou will ensure that you maximize the value of your assets to get you closer to market!

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