Oil & Gas Producers Midstream Transportation and Storage Options


So why would a Texas or Midcontinent energy oil and gas producer seek a midstream energy services company for transportation and storage services?

Transportation and storage involves many facets, from gas gathering to intrastate and interstate pipeline transportation and storage requiring an experienced and knowledgable staff to manage.Transportation and storage of natural gas and crude oil production is at the heart of what midstream services businesses do.  The comple x characteristics of transportation and storage tend to be burdensome, costly and require a professional staff to manage all aspects from front office deals to mid-office risk management and back-office accounting are just some of the skills necessary to produce results with little risk.

At Marabou Midstream Services LP we specialize in getting your oil and gas production directly to the end-user market resulting in better than average wellhead netback pricing. Our success can be attributed to our deep industry experience that we bring to each of our midstream customers providing guidance, from division of interest, contract management to pipeline scheduling, transportation and storage on both instrastate and interstate pipelines and more. Call us today and ask about our complete turnkey solution for any size Texas and Midcontent energy producer.

Marabou eliminates the midstream burden and reduces your cost and risk by leveraging a vast array of transporation and storage options like:

  • Firm & interrruptible transportation
  • Firm & interruptible storage and park-n-loan options
  • Rate negotiation that maximizes net back to producer
  • Capacity release, acquisition and optimization


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Marabou Midstream Services, LP – MMS is a privately held energy company formed in 2004 out of Marabou Energy, Inc., a natural gas gathering company founded in 1993 with assets in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. MMS is now supported by sister companies Marabou Energy Management LLC and Marabou Superior Pipeline LLC.

Marabou is owned and managed by an experienced group of midstream energy executives that provide independent energy producers and enduser “Partners” with world-class service. The Marabou management team has more than 100 years of combined experience in providing a broad array of producer and midstream services.

Through our ever evolving network of gas transportation agreements, geographic market coverage, LDC (utility) wholesale supply, commercial, industrial and end-user market relationships, Marabou will ensure you maximize the value of your assets from wellhead to burner tip!

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