Why Natural Gas or Oil Producers Seek Midstream Contract Services TX

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Many oil and gas producers feel they are at the mercy of the contract they signed with respect to their crude oil or natural gas production. Whether the contract is a JOA with another operator, a sales agreement or a gathering, processing or transportation agreement, at Marabou Midstream Services we have seen it all and will provide a no obligation assessment of your existing or proposed contracts to ensure that you’re getting the best netback for your energy production.
Our broad contract experience allows us to offer improvement strategies related to your contractual relationships. As a part of an integrated strategy, Marabou will:
•    Offer solutions for improving contractual terms and increasing wellhead netbacks
•    Review, audit and counsel on existing or proposed contractual rights and obligations
•    Ensure that payments received from counterparties are in compliance with contractual terms
•    Ensure that gatherers are in compliance with contractual pressure maintenance provisions
•    Ensure that processors are in compliance with either fixed percentage or pro rata allocation of extracted liquids
•    Offer NAESB base contract recommendations and options
•    Provide consistent, ongoing oversight, maintenance and optimization of existing or renegotiated contracts
•    Offer solutions for improving contractual terms and increasing wellhead netbacks


About Marabou Midstream Services LP:

Marabou Midstream Services, LP – MMS is a privately held energy company formed in 2004.  The company had its beginnings in 1993 as Marabou Energy, Inc., a natural gas gathering company with assets in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. MMS is now supported by sister companies Marabou Energy Management, LLC and Marabou Superior Pipeline, LLC.

Marabou is owned and managed by an experienced group of midstream energy executives that provide independent energy producers and enduser “Partners” with world-class service. The Marabou management team has more than 100 years of combined experience in providing a broad array of producer and midstream services.

Through our ever evolving network of producer relationships, geographic market coverage, LDC (utility) wholesale supply, and commercial, industrial and end-user market relationships, Marabou will ensure you maximize the value of your assets from wellhead to burner tip!

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